Trip Hazard

The Passenger

Finding themselves on the Zhodani planet of Farreach, in the Jewell subsector of the Spinward Marches, driven primarily by a desire to find some way of making the payments on their very shiny and heavily mortgaged far trader, the party took on some freight, a bit of speculative trade cargo, and some passengers, including James Forbes, a businessman looking for fast passage to Esalin, and prepared to pay top whack for it.

While scooping fuel at Ao-Dai, the party were boarded by a Zhodani patrol, at which point, Forbes revealed that he was not a simple businessman (to the surprise of no-one), but in fact an Imperial Intelligence agent. The party decided to bluff things out, and all was going well until Forbes felt he had been rumbled and opened fire on the Zhodani. A brief and pretty one-sided firefight later, and the party’s principal problem was how to get the Zhodani blood stains out of their expensive luxury carpeting.

Passing in Clan only long enough to scoop and jump, the party touched down on Esalin, thawed out their passengers, unloaded their freight and waved farewel to Forbes, who stepped down the ramp and was immediately shot. Having managed to stabilise him, the party took him to the Redway Hotel (a location he had mentioned just before losing conciosness), where, after a brief but tense bit of gun-pointing, they managed to gain the trust of Martha Redway, who revealed that she worked as an information drop point for Imperial agents, including Forbes. As the party sat down to dinner, they heard shots fired from the direction of Forbes’ room, and were told by Martha that he had been killed. They intercepted the two assassins trying to escape form an upstairs window, and after taking a fair bit of fire, managed to bring them down (euphemistically as well as literally).

Martha has entrusted the party with Forbes’ data wafer, and suggested they contact a man called Daniel on Ruby, who should be able to decrypt it.



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